Pat Dillon Wright

Cheryl Suchors


Cheryl Suchors at Illumination Night


Harlee Strauss, left, and Evelyn Maurmeyer, right

’72 preparing to march in the Alumnae Day parade


Illumination Night


Front row: Louise Parent, Kate Mulhern Johnson, Pat Dillon Wright, Mary Burton, Lisa Barlow

Illumination Night


  Debby Farrington, Deborah Bernick, Elaine Bromka
Dinner Saturday night: left to right, Ann Lemon (in glasses), Pat Dillon Wright, Susan Hastings Glendon, Robin Zimmerman Stephenson, Lisa Barlow, Jean Lamb Valenti, Karen Puskarz Robards, Louise Parent, Elaine Brighty and Mary Burton (hair only!)
Louise Parent at the mike; to her left, out-going President of the Alumnae Association Joanne Sawhill Griffin ’72    
Stephanie Solnick Cargill, Mary Lindley Burton,
Deborah Bernick, Ann Milne (behind in glasses), Suzette Prigmore (facing

Mary Burton

Nancy Roth Remington –>

Smith College alumnae being greeted by Chapel staff after
the Service of Remembrance
Stephanie Hurley; behind her and facing us is Louisa Anselmo Rabe (white shirt, glasses) and Debby Farrington (eyes shut!)