Looking Back – Celebrate Your Smith Education with a Gift to Smith

Moving Ahead – Support Education for Women with a Gift to Smith

Our 50th Reunion goal is that at least 72% of the members of the Class of 1972 become part of our 50th Reunion Gift to Smith College. Participation matters! Please become part of this milestone!
4 Ways to be Part of our 50th Reunion Gift to Smith College

1. Make a gift to Smith College via check, credit card, securities transfer, donor advised fund, real estate transfer, or other asset transfer.

2. Purchase a life annuity from Smith College that pays you income for life

3. Make Smith College the Beneficiary of Retirement Assets

4. Leave a Bequest to Smith College in Your Will or Trust

For more ways to make gifts to Smith please visit:

For our 50th Reunion help us reach 72% of the Class for a gift of $7,200,000 !!

For our 25th Reunion 66% of the Class contributed to a gift of $735,209.