Be a Smith Star

Just imagine… If you make a contribution to the Smith Fund by June 30th and give again in each of the four years that follow:

  • You will be recognized as a “Smith Star” at our 50th Reunion.
  • You will be helping current students with scholarships and financial aid.  When we enrolled in 1968, the cost of tuition, room and board was $3,100 a year. Today, it is just shy of $70,000!
  • You will play a role in increasing Smith’s alumnae participation rate, helping Smith advance its position in national rankings, which in turn attracts top students and faculty.   

Thank you to all 178 of you who have already made a contribution to Smith in FY18.  You have set the pace for our 50th.  FY18 is a critical year for ALL ’72 classmates to consider a gift to the Smith Fund if they want to be a Smith Star at our 50thJust imagine … how much you could do for today’s students by giving something each year between now and 2022!

If you haven’t given yet this year, you should have received a letter in May from Maria Held, the Director of the Smith Fund.  You can respond by using the reply envelope which is included with her letter.  Alternatively, you can act by:

  • Giving or making a pledge securely online 24/7 at www.
  • Making a credit card gift or pledge by phone, by calling 800-241-2056, option #1 during business hours, Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • Sending a check by mail to The Smith Fund, 23 Elm Street, Northampton, MA 01063.

Thank you to our team of 21 wonderful Class volunteers:  Thayer Baine, Kay Balun, Lisa Barlow, Agnes Farris, Diane Francis, Beth Ann Friedman, Sue Godshall, Ginny Gotlieb, Patty Hager, Lois Homma, Nancy Kanach, Ann Lebowitz, Maggie MacDonald, Susan Mrose, Carol Pearson, Gail Shearer, Krisztina Stern, Anne Stoe, Beth Wees, Debbie Wolk, and Lauren Yates.  We urge you to respond to your classmates when they take the time to reach out to you.

Also, at this stage in our lives, it’s not too early to be thinking about designating a gift to Smith in our estate plans. It is possible for a planned gift to be counted toward our Class’s 50th Reunion gift.   For more information, you can contact Kate Mulhern Johnson, our Planned Giving Chair and Memorial Chair, at or Sam Samuels, Director of Gift Planning, at

Just imagine… what it will be like to be a “Smith Star” in 2022 when we celebrate our 50th!  Thank you for your consideration.

Your ’72 Smith Fund Team Leaders,

Nancy Ammon Jianakoplos (Nancy.Jianakoplos@ColoState.EDU)

Jackie Anthony Millan (

Continuing Connections – Reunion in Real Time

50th Reunion Co-Chairs – Nancy Roth Remington & Cathy Roberts. Do you remember us?

We’re from different coasts, had different majors, lived in different houses, and pursued different careers after Smith. We met in tennis class as sophomores, reconnected at our 10th Reunion, served together on Smith committees, and have been in touch ever since. Thanks to Reunion in 1982, one memorable conversation led to another, and another, and another…

Nancy  At Smith: Laura Scales & Gillette, Junior Year at Amherst, East Asian history & music. East Asian Studies MA, Executive MBA 12 years later. University administrator for international studies programs, study tour leader to China, non-profit consultant for fundraising & program management. Moved from Atlanta to Cambridge, MA in 2017. Now I do pro bono consulting and lots of crafts. 

Cathy At Smith: Morris House, theater major, Junior Year with Tufts in London program. Spent 11 years in cancer epidemiology research in LA & Seattle, became a paralegal, went to law school, practiced in litigation, became public defender in 2002, & then became a Salt Lake City Justice Court Judge in 2011. Retired in 2017 to Nevada City, CA where I ride my horse and try to think up the next chapter.

Reunion #45 is just one year past: 120+ tales of family, working, volunteering; art, athletics, gardens; campus tour in the rain, dancing at dinner; sharing stories of challenges, triumphs, & transitions.

“Smith ’72 Conversation Groups” – bringing the Living Room online starting in Fall ‘18

Why wait four years to continue conversations? We’re looking at how ‘72ers can participate in, or just check out, discussions. We want to use a private forum, so please pass along your thoughts. Possible topics:           

  1. Achieving Balance: Health, Relationships, Finance
  2. Activities: Work – paid & volunteer, Hobbies, Travel
  3. Passions: Any and all!

We’d love all ideas and suggestions – please call or email. We look forward to staying in touch!

Nancy Roth Remington                                   Cathy Roberts             

Cell: 404-432-8402, living in MA                    Cell: 801-0597-4263, living in CA

Smith ’72 class officers are:

Melissa Hield, President Cathy Roberts, Reunion Co-chair Nancy Roth Remington, Reunion Co-Chair
Stefanie Cargill, Secretary Pat Smith, Treasurer Beth Sobiloff, Web Chair
Jackie Millan, Fund Team Nancy Jianakoplis, Fund Team