Yahee Fernandes-Baxter ’72, March 30, ’17, after a brief battle with a rare cancer.  Yahee lived in Chase House.  In 1972, she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Voice, and in 1973, received a Master of Arts in Teaching from Smith.  Show business was Yahee’s vocational calling, so she moved to New York, NY, to pursue her craft.  She became an Entertainer – singing, dancing and acting – and performed both “on” and “off” Broadway for many years in shows like The Skin of our Teeth, Salute to Broadway, Gotta Dance, and South Pacific to name just a few.   She appeared in more than 150 television commercials and radio voiceovers.  Yahee originated and played for almost five years the role of Star Stoner/Wilson on the ABC network soap opera, The Edge of Night.  We will never forget Yahee’s enthusiastic performance at our 40th Reunion.  Yahee is survived by her husband Greg, two sons, and her nine sisters.   

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