World Sight Day Luncheon Honored Former Helen Keller International Trustee and Dedicated Advocate, Mary Lindley Burton


Mary Burton ’72 received the Helen Keller Service Award on October 10, 2013, for her tireless commitment and generosity to Helen Keller International. Here is the honoree with some of her ‘72 classmates.

Standing from left to right: Joan Zief, Kim Albright, Louise Parent, Donna DeCoursey, Deborah Farrington, Luisa Rabe, Jackie Millan

Seated from left to right: Kristy Barclay, Susan Glendon, Mary Burton, Beth Wees, Ann Milne.

Missing from this photo: Christine Bancheri, Marcy Friedman, Deborah Lazarus, Karen Robards (all of whom are in the photo below).

Mary Burton

Beneath a portrait of Helen Keller at the Harvard Club in New York City, Mary is surrounded by Smith alumnae from classes ranging from ’45 to ’84.

Standing from left to right: Constance Packard ’54, Kim Albright ’72, Deborah Lazarus ’72, Ann Milne ’72, Susan Glendon ’72, Nancy Ellis ’68, Allison Saxe ’73, Deborah Farrington ’72, Jessie Kelly ’71, Jan Golan ’71, Louise Parent ’72, Kristy Barclay ’72, Elaine Sproat ’68, Caren Borland ’68, April Foley ’69, Janice Oresman ’55, Barbara Taylor ’65, Donna DeCoursey ’72, Anne Falvey ’84, Luisa Rabe ’72, Elizabeth Ericson ’75

Seated from left to right: Laura Petersen ’74, Marcy Friedman ’72, Beth Wees ’72, Christine Bancheri ’72, Karen Robards ’72, Mary Burton 72, Jackie Millan ’72, Ruth Turner ’46, Ruth Friendly ’45, Robin Katz ’75

Missing from photo – Barbara Massey ’63, Joan Zief ‘72

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