Winter 2019

From Charlotte (Becky) Lelepoki King: I returned to my maiden name so my name is now Charlotte (Becky) Lelepoki King.
In 2018, I retired after 29 years with the American Bar Association in Chicago where I worked as counsel in the areas of lawyer regulation and law school accreditation. I returned to Hawaii after retiring and am enjoying time with family and old friends. I’d love to see anyone who makes it to the islands! I have remained in contact with Lawrence House classmate Amy Braden. When we arrived at Smith, she was from Japan and I was from Hawaii, so we bonded. In the “Life is Amazing” category, our daughters were assigned as roommates at Andover and we didn’t realize it until we arrived at the school.

Jane Kocivar wrote: Aloha from Maui. I’m letting my hair grow out gray because I’ve had it with those dirty little boxes. My daughter Bailey lives on an island and is a freelance photographer. My other daughter, Lecca, is an RN in Seattle but expects to move back home soon. Perfection! I retired from solo practice in Internal Medicine after thirty three years in 2016. Amen. I grow lettuce and herbs and life is lit. Second hubby is a coffee roaster so that completes the pharmacological picture. I came in doing pour over and that’s how I’m going out.

A note from classmate Jane Levere: Although I regretted not being able to attend our 45th reunion (I was overseas at the time), I was very happy to catch up with many classmates when we met in New York, to celebrate the reunion. I went to my Teaneck (NJ) High School 50th reunion last summer, and had a fabulous time, giggling and reminiscing the entire weekend. I hope everyone in our Smith class who attended their high school reunions had as much fun as I. I am fortunate to report that my freelance writing continues to stimulate and enlighten me: I cover many subjects—including the arts, architecture, design, travel and advertising–for many publications, including The New York Times, Architectural Digest, Metropolis and Adweek. My newest outlet, which I am very excited about, is The Lily, a newspaper for women, first published by Amelia Bloomer from 1849 to 1853, revived online by The Washington Post in 2017. The most thrilling news of all is the birth in April of my great-nephew, Alexander, the first grandchild in my family. At the ripe old age of three+ months, he has a Gmail address (which he got the day he was born), and has already been to Paris and London. How times have changed!

Beth Carver Wees, the Ruth Bigelow Wriston Curator of American Decorative Arts at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City encourages classmates to visit her current exhibition, Jewelry for America. The exhibit will remain on view in the American Wing’s Henry R. Luce Study Center until April 5, 2020. Beth would love to hear from you if you come to visit.

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