Wilder Wenches Get Together for a Mini-Reunion

Wilder Wenches

Submitted by Sarah McElhone Moriarty’72, a Wilder Wench: 08-15-14
In the photo (left to right) Carla Montori ’71, Marion Hamill ’73. Sarah McElhone Moriarty ’72, Michael Maggiani UMass’71, Bonnie Blair O’Connor ’71, Jane Hathaway Mitchell ’74; Helena Bentz Hartnett ’73. In the afternoon Judy Lesser ’73 briefly visited, we Skyped Margie Allen ’73, texted Lizzie Reutlinger ’72 and talked to Fred Snider, Amherst ’72.


Wilder Wenches Get Together for a Mini-Reunion — 4 Comments

  1. My sister is a Wilder Wench from ’70. How do I get one of those awesome Wilder Wench t-shirts? She had one, well, a few years ago.

  2. The original Wilder wenches were a jug band in 1964 and 1965. I know because I was their kazoo player!
    Laurie Tobin Smith ‘1967

  3. I was the kazoo player for the original Wilder Wenches jug band supreme 1964 and 1965
    Laurie Tobin
    Smith ‘1967

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