Summer 2019

Ann Chipley Playe sent this note:

I became a grandmother again on Halloween. My daughter Eden had an eventful year: after being a widow for 6 years, she met someone to love, got married and had a daughter, Zora. Max, now 7, is delighted to have a Dad and a sister.  Husband Steve and I are still here in Chicago helping Eden and family. We are renting an apartment directly above their condo and providing childcare, meeting busses, driving to lessons and sports and more. We are loving it. Steve still works two clinical shifts a week at an urgent care a block away and I am still working as an independent college admission applications counselor along with fellow Smithie Sally Rubenstone (’73). The company’s name, College Karma, says it all–it’s being run by aging hippies! Still have our house in FL and get down there with kids and grandkids a few times a year. We have traveled with grandson Max to Sweden, Lithuania, Poland, the Czech Republic, Bonaire and Iceland. It will be a few years before we attempt any ambitious trips with Zora but are planning a trip to Serbia, Croatia and Greece with our whole family the year of our 50th wedding anniversary. That is, if we live that long, given the pace here!

Stefanie Solnick Cargill, writes: 

After a number of years as’72 Class Secretary, I’m finally a contributor:

My husband and I had been putting granddaughter Cassie thru college since 2014.  I planned to retire in Sep 2018 from the IT department of the Arizona Department of Public Safety, following Cassie’s planned grad date of Summer 2018.  I retired on schedule, but Cassie ran into some delays, finally graduating in Dec 2018.  I’m now finishing up an interesting contract job, writing eight computer application user manuals for a social work agency that services urban Native Americans in the Phoenix, Arizona area.  In my spare time, I absolutely LOVE my volunteer job working in the Archives at Taliesin West (Frank Lloyd Wright’s winter home) in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Retirement has been pretty busy so far. 

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