Fall 2018

Evelyn Brown is focused on marathons.  She wrote:  “I finished my second full marathon in Los Angeles in March, and bettered my time from last year by 15 minutes. I’m still a snail compared to those elite runners, but considering that I didn’t even start running until 10 years ago, I’m considering this a huge victory.  I got two medals for this run:  The first is for completing this 26.2 mile marathon; the second medal is for completing a challenge, which was to run this plus 2 other races in this series.  I felt good doing the marathon this year. Last year I did it because friends challenged me. This time, I did it because I challenged myself to do it.”

Diane St. Cyr Francis has big news.  Her younger daughter Hillary is pregnant with her 4th child.  Other news:  she retired from teaching chemistry at Brockton High School in Brockton, MA after 33 years in the classroom.  She’s now teaching piano lessons in her home.

Olivia Henry sent this:  “Good year, lots of activities. I love reading, photography and travel. I volunteered in my community, singing in choir, visiting folks who were sick. I’m active in Zumba, aerobics, strength training, gym workouts, hiking, yoga. Spent much of the winter in CA, where close family live. I had time to hike the mountains and desert, see lots of art, gardens. I volunteered at the Safari Park in Escondido, where the San Diego Zoo breeds endangered species, and tries to return them to the wild. At Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, in Utah, the largest no- kill rescue facility in the US, I volunteered in April 2018 in a number of buildings with cats. We lost our 18-year-old Bichon this winter, and now only have a rescue indoor/outdoor calico cat  Husband Tim Gurshin, is a fine singer songwriter, gigging, writing and recording his songs. Son Tim Jr, is studying for his Master’s in aero astro-engineering at Purdue, We had a great trip out there and to Chicago in late Jan, to celebrate his 26th birthday.

Jane Levere gets the byline for this report on a mini-Reunion of ’72 Baldwin House classmates:

’72 Baldwinites continued the partying from our 45th reunion on May 14 at a festive get-together in Manhattan.  Capably arranged by Emily Parkhurst and Linda Kirch Knight, the evening included a lovely cocktail party at Linda’s home on Central Park West and dinner at a nearby restaurant.  In addition to Linda and Emily, partying housemates included Susan Olansky Faldasz, Irena Hochman, Susie Hunter, Wendy Jones, Nancy LeaMond, Jane Levere, Gail O’Brien Nitti, Ann Hickey Peloquin and Susan Termohlen, some traveling from as far as New England, Maryland, Washington and even California.  It was great fun to giggle, reminisce and catch up.  The partying continued into the wee hours at Susie T’s NYC home-away-from-home, an apartment in the very far West Village, a stone’s throw from NJ.  Two of the Susies (Susan Olansky Faldasz and Susan Termohlen), Wendy Jones and Emily Parkhurst had a slumber party there Monday night after dinner, and Jane Levere stopped by for a quick visit before trekking back uptown.  It was a splendid night that we all hope to repeat again soon, hopefully with more housemates!  And congrats to Gail O’Brien Nitti on her brand-new granddaughter, whose photo she proudly shared with us!

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