Winter 2010

E-communicating with You Do we have your e-mail address?  The Alumnae Association urges all classes to use e-mail and the Internet and is committed to moving away from paper newsletters.   We have posted this class newsletter on our new website at, e-mailed the link to more than 300 classmates for whom we have e-mail addresses, and mailed a paper copy to those for whom we had a mailing address only.  Help us stay in touch with you.  If you have not provided your e-mail address to the Alumnae Association, please send it to:  with your name and “Class of 1972.”Class Web Site and Your News

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Beth Sobiloff, Webmaster

Melissa Hield, President

Our 40th Reunion: Getting Ready to Reminisce, Reconnect and Redefine

We encourage mini-reunions by our ’72 classmates to pave the road to reunion.  These can be low-key with no cost to the organizer since everyone is expected to “go Dutch.”  Our Class Secretary, Mary Burton, has organized several events in Metro New York given, as she says, “any excuse to get classmates together. “ A few such events have been:

  • Dinner with Ivy Bannister, an award-winning author visiting from Ireland
  • A tour of the “Silversmiths to the Nation” exhibit at the MET with Beth Wees  who designed the exhibit followed by afternoon tea at the home of Ann Milne
  • Dinner and theater piggybacked on a NYC Club event
  • Lunch in Rhinebeck, NY
  • “Julie and Julia” followed by discussion and dinner

Others who have hosted classmates in their homes for tea, luncheons, or cocktail parties include Daisy Kim in Los Angeles, Thayer Longfellow Baine in Washington, DC and Cheryl Suchors in Cambridge.

Sue Begg is planning a gathering in her home in Ithaca, NY.

With “Julie and Julia” available on DVD, a home viewing and popcorn or afternoon tea could be a fun way to get a group together.

Another possibility is to personally contact ’72 classmates to join you for an event sponsored by your local Smith Club, Women’s Club, Chamber of Commerce or any other group to which you belong.

Like Mary, Daisy, Thayer, Cheryl and Sue, if you have an excuse to get a few classmates together, please do so.   We hope anyone who has arranged similar gatherings will share your ideas and experience with us.  You will find it fun to Reminisce and Reconnect with classmates you may never have known at Smith as well as those with whom you are constantly in touch.

And please take pictures to forward to Beth Sobiloff to post on our class website.

Feel free to contact Kay, Ev, Mary or any of your officers for help with obtaining addresses for invitations or ideas as to how to plan your own mini-reunion.

And don’t forget to mark your calendar for May 24 – 26, 2012 for our 40th Reunion!

Kay Killian Balun, Vice President                   Evelyn Maurmeyer, Vice President

Your Chance to Change the World

Last fall I had the opportunity to hear Greg Mortenson, author of the book Three Cups of Tea, speak about his work building schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan.  He emphasized the importance of educating young girls, if we want to achieve peace and prosperity on this planet.  Smith College plays a role in this endeavor at a higher level of education by “educating women of promise for lives of distinction.”  Our gifts to the Smith Fund make a Smith education possible for many exceptional young women who would not otherwise have the financial resources available.  The Smith Fund.  Think of it as your chance to change the world.

So far this fiscal year, 140 classmates from 1972 (26.6 percent of our class) have made gifts to Smith totaling $130,885. Will you help us meet our goal of 54 percent participation and $175,000 in the 2009-10 fiscal year?

Please make a gift to the Smith Fund this fiscal year, if you haven’t done so already.  You can give securely at, or by phone at 800-241-2056 option 1, or by mail to The Smith Fund, 33 Elm Street, Northampton, MA 01063.

Nancy Jianakoplos, Class Fund Agent

Class Treasury

Since March 2009, several classmates have paid five-year class dues totaling $1,800.  Our class treasury has a balance of $16,084.

If you have paid class dues since the 2008 reunion, then you are current.  If not please consider paying five-year dues at the level of your choice:  Basic – $40, Sponsor – $72, and Benefactor -$100.  Please send your check for class dues payable to Smith College Class of 1972 to:  Susan Begg, 104 N. Titus Ave. #1, Ithaca NY 14850-5523.

Susan Begg, Treasurer 

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