May 2017

Class of 1972 – Strike up the Band!

PLAN YOUR PACKING! – Dress for HEAT and COOL … could be either! For the parade, you’ll need to be in white from head to toe.

Things you will need:

– White outfit, white/light shoes, nametag, class ribbon (worn right shoulder to left hip)
– Reusable water bottle
– Sunscreen and bug repellant

We will have an open bar at our Social Hours before dinner, but if you’d like to chat with friends over a late night Happy Hour, consider stopping on your way for a bottle of wine.

While the houses have new key cards, our rooms will not have keys. Therefore, please do not bring valuables with you.

WHAT TO EXPECT AT CHECK-IN – When you check in at the Alumnae House, you will be given your name tag and badge holder, as well as a lanyard. Please note that information about your meal registration will be coded on this, so it is crucial that you wear it to all meals so that you can eat! Everything is done electronically now. You will get your blue ribbon too. And a key card that lets you into our house.

We are planning to snap some photos before dinner on Friday and before or after the parade on Saturday, so please be ready to smile for the camera! We’ll try to do this as quickly as possible so as not to take time away from socializing. We’ll want some good photos of the class as we start to think about our 50th reunion in 5 years!
BE COUNTED – Please don’t forget to make your contribution to Smith before Reunion so it can be counted toward our Class’ 45th Reunion gift. Every gift makes a difference to Smith’s future and counts toward our Class participation goal.
Click here to give.

CLASS SURVEY – If you haven’t already done so, please take a few minutes and fill out the Class Survey either online or on paper. You’ll enjoy doing it and your Class will appreciate having your responses. With 88 responses in hand, Nancy Jianakoplos has graciously agreed to incorporate new responses up until a few days before Reunion. For the survey, click here.

SUBMIT NEWS – As summed up by our 45 R.P.M. theme, you are “Rockin’, Powerful, and Marvelous.” We would like to put together notes/updates/letters from you and any news items about yourself or another classmate (who might be shy). If you’d like to update your classmates on what’s new in your life, please send an email to Headquarters Chair, Ann Milne, by Tuesday, May 23rd, and we will gather them together to share at our headquarters.

NOMINATIONS OPEN – If you are interested in serving as a Class officer for the next five-year term (2017-2022), please get in touch with Nominating Chair Melissa Hield at

YOUR STAR STUDDED LINE-UP FOR THE WEEKEND – The Class of 1972 is filled with interesting, thoughtful women, who are passionate about a broad range of interests. “A Quick Spin of 45 RPMs” on Friday and Saturday afternoons of Reunion Weekend offers a rare chance to hear short talks from a number of your classmates. Also, on Saturday afternoon, you have the opportunity to participate in a moderated discussion about “Transitions.” Here is the line-up of speakers as of now.

Friday Afternoon (3 – 4:30 p.m.)

Evelyn Brown
Why I Run

Ellen Maloff Case
The Value of Studying the Humanities: George Orwell’s 1984 and Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale

Nancy Jianakoplis
Women’s Basketball, Smith & Title IX

Wendy Jones
Educating Children in Rural Uganda

Nancy Fitzpatrick McKenna
Destination College – From Athlete to Student Athlete

Lucy Bodine Nattrass
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Robin Thomas Poponne
Dance Therapy

Susan Soloyanis
Smith Travel Takes Me to Antarctica

Susan Termohlen
Facing Fear: Taking Your Work Out of the Closet

Saturday (1:30 – 3 p.m.)

Deborah Farrington
A View from the Smith College Board of Trustees

Clara Couric Batchelor
Landscape Architecture: Parks and Gardens

Kerry Christensen Homstead
Treehouse Foundation

Beth Sobiloff
Two Grannies on the Road

Mary Lindley Burton and Maggie MacDonald
Transitions: A Moderated Discussion

In Memoriam
Sunday (9:30 – 10:30 a.m.)

Our classmate The Rev. Katherine (Kate) Sonderegger from Virginia Theological Seminary has kindly agreed to lead a service of remembrance for our classmates who have died since we graduated, with special remembrances for the 14 who have passed away since our 40th Reunion.

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS – For the schedule as it stands now, click here.

WHO’S COMING –We’re thrilled that 116 of you had registered as of May 7th. If you don’t see a friend’s name on the list, give her a call and let her know that she will be missed if she doesn’t come.

Kim Albright, Thayer Longfellow Baine, Kathleen Killian Balun, Christine Bancheri, Kristin Heintz Barclay, Elizabeth Barlow, Clara Couric Batchelor, Audrey Bear, Susan Begg, Gail Bongiovanni, Yvonne Boucher, Kathryn Hastings Bradford, Elaine Brighty, Elaine Bromka, Evelyn Brown, Carolyn Huff Burns, Mary Burton, Susan Callaway, Stefanie Solnick Cargill, Ellen Maloff Case, Jeanne Clark Cherner, Kyung Chung, Marilyn Gepp Clark, Kathleen Foley Curley, Elizabeth Delman, Jane Wierdsma Forbes, Catherine Eaton, A. Kristen Everson, Susan Olansky Faldasz, Deborah Farrington, Diane St. Cyr Francis, Judith Frank, Paula LoConte Frazier, Janice Riley Freddo, Beth Ann Friedman, Susan Hastings Glendon, Sue Fawver Godshall, Sharon Friedman Gordon, Virginia Moorman Gotlieb, Susan Griss, Linda Blackburn Gross, Susan Gutchess, Carol Jones Guthrie, Nancy Abraham Hall, Olivia Henry, Melissa Hield, Cordelia Leister Hill, Terry Hluchyj, Irena Hochman, Kerry Christensen Homstead, Margaret Huff, Stephanie Hurley, Nancy Ammon Jianakoplos, Kathleen Mulhern Johnson, Margery Johnson, Wendy Jones, Andrea Leberfeld Kahn, Marguerite Martucci Kaplan, Linda Kirch Knight, Sally Peterson Lawrence, Deborah Markewich Lazarus, Nancy LeaMond, Ann Lebowitz, Ann Lemon, Mary Lincoln, Marguerite MacDonald, Natalie Mariano, Elizabeth Murkowicz Marsh, Melissa Marshall, Evelyn Maurmeyer, Nancy Fitzpatrick McKenna, Jacqueline Anthony Millan, Ann Milne, Deborah Miskell, Sarah McElhone Moriarty, Jean Howard Moses, Susan Mrose, Mary Michael Muller, Lucy Bodine Nattrass, Maria Nipson, Cande Olsen, Louise Parent, Patricia Parker, Brenda Burden Paull, Carol Pearson, Deborah Emerson Pinkham, Ann Chipley Playe, Robin Thomas Poponne, Luisa Anselmo Rabe, M. Lucile Reid, Nancy Roth Remington, Karen Puskarz Robards, Catherine Roberts, Deborah Thomas Robinson, Paula Johnson Robinson, Stefanie Shafran, Gail Shearer, Alice Ziesing Sheehy, Patricia Younger Smith, Carolyn Sobiloff, Susan Soloyanis, Elizabeth Stage, Barbara Stern, Anne Stoe, Harlee Strauss, Helen Marvel Strong, Cheryl Suchors, Janet Taft, Susan Termohlen, Jean Lamb Valenti, Claudia Vess, Beth Carver Wees, Deborah Gordon Wolk, Patricia Dillin Wright, Lauran Boakes Yates, Lou Zellner

LIST OF REUNION ATTENDEES – We want to facilitate maintaining connections and think that classmates coming to reunion would like to stay in touch. We plan to share a list of attendees with email addresses. If you prefer not to be included, please let Gail know at

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Best regards,

Jackie Millan
Class President
Nancy LeaMond
Reunion Co-Chair
Gail Shearer
Reunion Co-Chair

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