April 2017 – Part Two

Sad News

Hours after releasing our most recent Reunion update, we learned that our entertainer “par excellence” at the 40th, Yahee Fernandes-Baxter (who was pictured at the top of Monday’s email with her contagious enthusiasm) had died last month of a rare cancer. How her spirit energized our Saturday night dinner at the Faculty Club – Yahee and forty-three other classmates will be remembered at our own service Sunday morning in Laura Scales’ living room. We hope you will come to share your recollections.

Who’s Coming

I apologize to those classmates who had already signed up for Reunion and were not listed in Monday’s email. Happily, more of our classmates have registered as well. Please see below a revised list, as of 4/19 at 11:30 a.m.; those who were not listed in Monday’s email appear in boldface type. To view an up to the minute list of registrants, view the “Who’s Coming” page of the Reunion registration website.

Kim Albright, Thayer Longfellow Baine, Kathleen Killian Balun, Kristin Heintz Barclay,
Elizabeth Barlow, Clara Couric Batchelor, Susan Begg, Gail Bongiovanni, Kathryn Hastings Bradford,
Elaine Brighty, Elaine Bromka, Evelyn Brown, Carolyn Huff Burns, Mary Burton, Susan Callaway, Stefanie Solnick Cargill, Ellen Maloff Case, Kyung Chung, Marilyn Gepp Clark, Kathleen Foley Curley, Catherine Eaton, A. Kristen Everson, Susan Olansky Faldasz, Deborah Farrington,
Jane Wierdsma Forbes, Diane St. Cyr Francis, Paula LoConte Frazier, Janice Riley Freddo,
Beth Ann Friedman, Susan Hastings Glendon, Sue Fawver Godshall, Sharon Friedman Gordon,
Virginia Moorman Gotlieb, Linda Blackburn Gross, Susan Gutchess, Carol Jones Guthrie,
Nancy Abraham Hall, Olivia Henry, Melissa Hield, Cordelia Leister Hill, Irena Hochman,
Margaret Huff, Stephanie Hurley, Nancy Ammon Jianakoplos, Kathleen Mulhern Johnson,
Margery Johnson, Wendy Jones, Andrea Leberfeld Kahn, Marguerite Martucci Kaplan,
Linda Kirch Knight, Sally Peterson Lawrence, Nancy LeaMond, Mary Lincoln, Marguerite MacDonald, Natalie Mariano, Elizabeth Murkowicz Marsh, Evelyn Maurmeyer, Nancy Fitzpatrick McKenna, Jacqueline Anthony Millan, Ann Milne, Deborah Miskell, Sarah McElhone Moriarty, Jean Howard Moses, Susan Mrose, Mary Michael Muller, Lucy Bodine Nattrass, Maria Nipson, Louise Parent,
Patricia Parker, Brenda Burden Paull, Carol Pearson, Deborah Emerson Pinkham, Ann Chipley Playe, Robin Thomas Poponne, Luisa Anselmo Rabe, M. Lucile Reid, Nancy Roth Remington,
Karen Puskarz Robards, Deborah Thomas Robinson, Paula Johnson Robinson, Gail Shearer,
Patricia Younger Smith, Susan Soloyanis, Harlee Strauss, Helen Marvel Strong, Cheryl Suchors,
Susan Termohlen, Jean Lamb Valenti, Beth Carver Wees, Deborah Gordon Wolk, Patricia Dillin Wright, Lauran Boakes Yates

Register by April 26

If your name is not yet on the list above, please register by the April 26 deadline to be guaranteed a place in on-campus housing and at meals. You can register here.

Best regards,