Winter 2017

Following our wonderful 45th Reunion in May 2017, Diane St. Cyr Francis sent this news:

I just returned home from a tour of Romania, which I thoroughly enjoyed.  Some highlights included: visiting Brant Castle in Transylvania, taking a hike with a naturalist through a collapsed limestone cavern, and seeing the painted monasteries of Moldova.

In July and August, younger daughter Hillary visited us from Arlington, VA with her 3 children ages 5years to 18 mo.  We had a fun and busy time going on day trips in our area.

Ginny Gottlieb organized a terrific walking tour for 20 intrepid classmates on the rainy Thursday afternoon of our Reunion Weekend.  The tour, led by geologist Laurie Sanders ’88, Co-President of Historic Northampton (, was historical and geological.  Laurie combined an understanding of Northampton’s natural history with knowledge of the architecture, people, and ideas that make Northampton such a vibrant town.  We were intrigued to find out why downtown Northampton is downhill while the campus is flat (glaciers.)  When Timothy Dwight, President of Yale and grandson of Northampton’s Jonathon Edwards, wrote that the streets of Northampton are like the claws of a crab, he was talking about paths defined by now-subterranean stream beds.  We discovered that Northampton hosts the Calvin Coolidge Presidential Library (in Forbes Library).  The tour ended with the glacial boulder next to Smith’s multi-level parking garage by Garrison Hall.  Laurie explained that while digging foundation support piers for the parking structure, the construction crew encountered a boulder that could have compromised the whole structure.  Engineers tried to drill thru the boulder, then gave up and excavated it.  The boulder is now a very expensive landscape ornament in front of the garage. 

Front row: Stefanie Solnick Cargill, Virginia (Ginny) Moorman Gottlieb, Cheryl Suchors, Nancy Ammon Jianakoplos, Beth Taylor Sobiloff, Anne Henry Stoe, Lucy Bodine Nattrass, Patricia Younger Smith, Olivia Henry, Ann Lemon. Jacqueline Anthony Millan, Susan Mrose;

Back row: Deborah Gordon Wolk, Lauran Boakes Yates, Elizabeth (Betty) Murkowicz Marsh, Ann Milne, Diane St. Cyr Francis. 

Sec. Stefanie Solnick Cargill, 1224 E. La Jolla Drive, Tempe, Arizona  85282,