Winter 2016-17

CU@Reunion45,  May 25-28, 2017!

Cynthia F. Bearer kicks us off:

I had a really good year!

Last year in February I received a Smith College Gold Medal!  One of the highlights of my life!

This year, I was made Editor-in-Chief of the journal, Pediatric Research, the official journal of the Society for Pediatric Research, American Society of Pediatrics and the European Society of Paediatrics.  Pediatric Research published articles spanning basic research to epidemiology, and is one of the few pediatric journals that does so.

I also received two new NIH grants, one an R21 and the other a P01 which will enable to me to further my explorations into the role that lipid raft dysfunction plays in several important pediatric diseases.  Lipid rafts are dynamic microregions of the plasma membrane, particularly important for cell signaling, including the signaling that is essential for normal brain development.

I was also elected to the Pediatric Policy Council (PPC), an organization composed of representatives from the 5 major pediatric academic societies, to oversee the response of the societies to the ongoing federal legislative action that impacts children.  This has enabled me to link the PPC to the journal Pediatric Research where we have started a monthly commentary on the policy implications of one of the research articles in the issue.

In my personal life, my son went off to college last fall (Wesleyan University), a biology major and member of the Wesleyan men’s squash team

Whew, hope that is enough!

Susan Begg sent a note: 

I am making plans to come to our next reunion. Talked by phone with Evelyn Maurmeyer today.

Diane St. Cyr Francis has been taking piano lessons for a number of years & teaches one student.  Just purchased a baby grand.

Carol Jones Guthrie writes: 

Still working as a landscape designer and loving it more than ever.  Played tennis yesterday with Nancy Fitzpatrick McKenna, so the body is still working pretty well.  The most exciting thing in my life these days is my grandchildren, one of whom will be Smith 2036!!!  I might have to wrest her away from Dartmouth (both parents are alums), but she would be a wonderful asset to Smith!!

Lois Homma sent this:

Margie Swett, Pat Weiss & I traveled with the Smith College Alumnae Chorus to Cuba in July 2016, performing with various excellent Cuban orchestras and men’s choruses. The highlight for me was hearing featured soprano soloist, daughter Katie Homma 2014.  See you at Reunion in May!

Kitty Lansdale enjoyed a fabulous visit with best friend, Peggy Furth, at her English Cottage overlooking the Anderson Valley, adding:  In wine country life is a banquet!  A week of good wine, food & cheer with good friends.  Now back to my event business and volunteering on the Clinton Campaign.

In 2015, Chree Perkins retired from teaching.  After 9 months of cleaning out and sorting through 25 years of accumulated stuff, she writes:  Husband Doug (Dartmouth ’72) and I are still married!  We built a retirement home on Fern Lake, Leicester, VT and moved in at the end of May, though the house was still not finished (after 3 years of work). The design for the house changed as we watched our relatives age. The main living level is ADA compliant.  The lower level, for guests and storage, is not ADA. We use geothermal for heat/AC.  Quite an experience -not for the faint of heart!

Susan Soloyanis will be retiring from all paid consulting at the end of 2016.

She says:  I have found satisfying volunteer service to my community as a director of my local water supply company.  I will be overseeing a $5 million repair and improvements project so that the local municipal utility can absorb us. The infrastructure is over 100 years old, serves 350 customers, and leaks about 40% of the water we put through it – so it’s a good challenge. My big concern is that fire hydrants have sufficient fire flows.  I hired an engineering firm (using source selection methods learned from the AF and Army).  Boy, were the lawyers impressed!  They’re also amazed when I come in to their offices to help them out with data entry and analysis and technical report editing.

I continue to enjoy my greenhouse, gardens, chickens, and bees and am traveling all over the world as a birder. I am very lucky.

Anne Henry Stoe sent this:  I will retire in October 2016 from my psychiatry practice in Fargo, North Dakota.  We still have our farm in northwestern Minnesota, but my husband is cutting back there.  We recently bought a lake cabin in Canada.  I am really looking forward to doing very little for a while, except reading by the lake and hiking in the woods around us.

Sec. Stefanie Solnick Cargill, 1224 E. La Jolla Drive, Tempe, Arizona  85282,