Winter 2012

Dear Classmates,

This is my first column as your class secretary – please send me your news whenever you have something to share!

A final note on our wonderful 40th reunion, May 25-27, 2012:

Fundraising Summary, 2011-2012

Total number of Donors/Pledgers for Alumnae Fund & All Funds – 299 donors, 57.3%

Reunion goal = $1,972,000.00; Total Amount raised = $2,001,828.00.

Below is a note from first-time reunion attendee, Jan Owen Swetenburg.  She hit all the best parts of reunion in her “Reunion Memories”:

Dear Classmates,

Two milestones for me – in May I went back for reunion, first time ever, and this is my first time to write to our class secretary. I just had to share some memories of that amazing weekend.

The day after I retired from a 20 year career in teaching and counseling, I flew to Northampton for my 40th Smith reunion. It was the first reunion I have ever attended.  I have not been back to campus since 1972. I was nervous, excited and very curious about what the weekend would bring.

It was more than I could have ever hoped it would be. I loved every minute. Old friends, new friends, the same old campus, the very new campus.  I found the classroom where I took Chaucer and it had not changed one bit. On the other hand, the new Campus Center is quite a break from my memories of campus buildings.

The Class of ’72 headquarters for reunion was in Cushing – the dorm where I lived all four years. I knew in advance that none of my dorm friends were coming back but I told friends and family at home that I was not necessarily returning to people but to a place. I was rewarded by the fact that Cushing House had not changed much and the physical familiarity brought back many memories. I found every room I had lived in and lots more (including the dining room and living room) where we had laughed, talked, dreamed, and shared. However, dorm life 40 years ago was slightly more comfortable when we were surrounded by all the high school comforts we brought from home.

Our class theme was “Reminisce, Reconnect and Redefine” and we did all of that. The organizers did a fantastic job of planning and presenting. Highlights included the brilliant one-woman play by classmate Elaine Bromka,  class dinners on Friday and Saturday, the alumni parade on Saturday morning with everyone in their white clothes and blue sashes (or red, green or yellow), the “craft and wares” display on Friday afternoon where classmates shared their creative endeavors, a concert by Smith singers past and present, the unofficial ringing of the campus bells at midnight (I thought it was Mountain Day!), and the after-lunch panel on “Aging Gracefully” presented by classmates on Saturday. There were many more highlights – too many to list here – but every day was full of them.

One of the best parts for me was the warmth and camaraderie among all of us who had returned. Although few of my closest friends were there, there was always someone to talk to, to go to a lecture with, or to sit with at dinner. It was a joy to reconnect with many and meet others “for the first time”. Due in part to very serious national and world affairs and events, and the need to deal with them as young innocents, the class of ’72 was remarkable – full of women of high intelligence and deep compassion.  It was a joy to rediscover that.

See you in 2017!  Sincerely, Jan Owen Swetenburg

PS. I am not sure I would have done this without the encouragement of Kay Balun.  My gratitude to her for the push.

Finally, your new secretary would like to share news of a weeklong “dream” trip I took this summer to NYC with 16-year-old granddaughter, Cassie, from Eagan, MN.  We saw Spiderman, Wicked, Warhorse, Cirque du Soleil, the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, the MET, MoMA, Cloisters, Madame Taussaud’s Wax Museum, and dined with buddies Jane Levere and Irena Hochman.  We brunched and shopped with Mary Burton for teen clothes on Fifth Avenue, thanks to Mary’s careful market research among her own teen relatives.

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