Summer 2016

Cynthia Bearer sent this news!
This past year has been filled with wonderful events! Last February I was a awarded one of Smith’s Gold Medals! I was hosted by Dr. Michael Barresi who showed me his very interesting work with zebrafish. I co-taught a lecture with him on mitochondrial respiration which was a lot of fun! I gave a Sigma Xi talk on my own work, met with Dr. Barresi’s lab and students to discuss their work, and then was a wonderful part of Rally Day! Did you know that the tradition is now to wear a hat on Rally Day? President McCartney’s hat was particularly fetching! And thanks to my friend, Paula Einaidi for nominating me for this wonderful award!

In April, I was selected to be the next Editor-in-Chief of the pediatric research journal, Pediatric Research! I’ve just started my 5 year term on January 1 so still learning the ropes of publishing. I’m already enjoying the new role!

Our summer vacation this year was to Ireland. After spending a weekend with the new Associate Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Eleanor Molloy, in Dublin, we went to Connemara, and stayed in a wonderful country hotel and pony farm, The Cashel House Hotel in Recess, Connemara. Aside from the 10 acres of gardens, the wild mountain pasture for the ponies, we were treated with views of the sea and scrumptious repast. We biked the length of the Aran Islands, visited Connemara National Park and climbed Diamond Hill, rode horses on the beach, and went fly fishing in the nearby loughs. Then my son went off to his freshman year at college (Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT).

My last big trip of the year was to Vienna, Budapest and Bratislava for the European Society of Pediatric Research. My train was canceled from Vienna to Budapest due to the refugee situation (I didn’t see any) so I had an adventure getting to Budapest including a night in the night train waiting station in Brno, Czech Republic!

Finally, this has been a banner year for publications mostly because of my colleagues! 8 peer reviewed in one year!

Susan N Begg reports:
As of yesterday I retired from the Veterinary practice I started in Ithaca, N.Y. in 1978. Now I am looking around for some part-time work outdoors to stay active.

Mary Burton sends greetings on a BEAUTIFUL sunny day in NYC! I’m working down a huge pile on my desk. Hope this finds you well — two more trips to MN and I’ll have this enormous inventory-and-distribute job on my dad’s estate finished!

Susan Hastings Glendon wrote:
Two years ago, I jumped off the corporate ladder, “retired”, sold my house of 30 years and moved into NYC! I decided it was time to do what I wanted to do. My children had grown and flown…and it was time: more fun, more travel, more time with friends and family, and a commitment to “working” at something where I could make a difference. I now have my own business (, having taken many pages from my old career, and am a Career Consultant, mostly working with students looking to take their first step after graduation. I help with writing Resumes, LinkedIn Profiles, Interviewing Skills, etc. I also work with corporations seeking to maximize the value of their entry-level recruiting programs and with academic institutions, offering workshops and seminars. I currently spend part of my time working with Pace University and NYU Stern, and am an Adjunct Professor at Pace’s Lubin School of Business. For travel: I have 5 states left to visit to make it to all 50 (Hawaii, the Dakotas in 2015) and Alaska (2016); for fun:….I live in NYC! and for family: my children live in great places to visit, Colorado and California. On top of all of this, as an aging retiree, I have fought a go-round with breast cancer and won a battle with a heart condition! Thank goodness for great NY doctors and hospitals….and for loyal Smith friends to see me through. But, all is good.

Ginny Moorman Gotlieb said:
I haven’t done class notes in years so, with a prompt from the college, I am writing.

I continue to live in Los Angeles. I have not been professionally active in health administration for a long time, other than a five-year term on the California Managed Risk Health Insurance Board. For the last decade I have spent several months a year in Virginia managing my father’s affairs and helping with a sibling.

Handling our family’s historic farm has brought me back to my love of history. I have participated in local land use planning and the development of a heritage trail tour to encourage tourism in our area of Virginia. I organized a program for Preservation Virginia’s conference; for several years I arranged programs for a history group in LA. I have also served on the board of the Friends of the Booker T. Washington National Monument. This year is the one hundredth anniversary of the National Park Service’s founding. Each of these sites is such a treasure! We have a responsibility to protect and nourish them.

My bicoastal life has allowed me to see Smith friends more frequently. The Northeast Regional Amtrak connects me to Nancy LeaMond (DC), Ellen Maloff Case (DC), and Rebecca Schneider Meiklejohn (NYC). My Hopkins friend Ginny Smith Dawson is now bicoastal. She and husband Tim keep their home in southern New Hampshire and have a place here near Ginny’s daughter Karen, granddaughter Lili, and son-in-law Sean Jarrett who had a movie shown multiple times at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival. I am so delighted to have Pam Wiggin Barry and John in LA again. The Los Angeles Smith Club is very active so I get to see classmates Evelyn Brown, Bonnie Beaver Roberts and others.

My children are grown and all are back in school. Shana works in finance in NYC and is finishing an MBA at Columbia. Kenny is at Berkeley in a physics/material science PhD program. Rebecca is at USC studying for a PhD in education and neuropsychology. There are no grandchildren in sight yet! I think my husband Larry is waiting for that moment to retire.

I wish classmates good health and satisfactions in this year in which we have transitioned to Medicare. (I can’t get my head around that!). I am looking forward to our 2017 reunion and hope many can come.

Photo From Jean H Moses Jan 1 16 at home with the midwifeJean Howard Moses writes:
I’m a grandmother! And totally besotted. Orion Wu-Moses was born on January 1, and I had the great good fortune of being near his home in Oakland from the end of December through January 22. Yay for retirement!

My husband, Alan Smillie, and I now have 3 children, 2 children-in-law and a grandson in Oakland. Our daughter, Tuesday, and her girlfriend remain tied to careers in NYC.

Photo from Jean H Moses Grandson Orion Feb 7 2016Since all 4 of our parents have passed away, the familial pull of the West Coast is overcoming our life-long attachments to New England. We hope to put our house on the market next month and to move West in the near future. In the meantime, I’ll be traveling back and forth pretty regularly.

I am very happy to see a couple of good snow storms before I leave. The taste of the air on a clear winter day in New England is quite wonderful. Be sure to notice it even if you aren’t about to move to California.

Sarah McElhone Moriarty sent this:
Carla Q. Montori hosted a house reunion event in August 2015 to get the Wilder Wenches back together after some 43+ years. Helena Bentz Hartnett ’73, Bonnie Blair O’Connor ’71, Marion Hamill ’73 and I started the event with a late brunch in Rhode Island with spouses Mal O’Connor and Ken Hartnett. From there, Marion and Sarah did a research outing to the Smith Archives, and with support from Archivist Nanci Young, we poured over many Wilder House records. We were perhaps making more noise than politically correct in the archives, now located in the old Alumnae Gym, but it was really fun, and a must-visit destination if you are on campus. Nanci brought us the original Kurt Vonnegut signatures that reminded us of the Wilder House long-time connection with the author and his writings. Over the weekend, we shared photos of these archival records with our housemates, including sunbathing rules, house elections/bylaws and other bizarre history.

At Carla’s family home on Lake Congamong, our group reunited with more Wilder housemates, including Judy Lesser ‘73, Jane Hathaway Mitchell ’74, Michael Maggiani ‘71, and families and friends. It is so much fun to reconnect after all these years. We are now gearing up for our next Wilder House reunion for this coming August 2016 in the hill towns near Northampton.

Robin Rainie Lobacz said: Still a PA, working full time with the marines at Camp Pendleton, healing sprains, strains and fractures. Also acting as CFO for 3 business entities, doing their bookkeeping. Otherwise outside playing sports and exercising. Life is good.

Bonnie Beaver Roberts dropped this line:
Just returned from an amazing experience in Ethiopia, with a few days in crazy Dubai. Already in training for the Tour du Mont Blanc in Sept. Keeping active, still working.

Genie Dudding Short sent this:
Hello from Dallas. As my husband Gary says, “retirement is not overrated”. We are just back from a three week excursion to Australia & New Zealand, ending in San Francisco for three days. It’s the Australia Tennis Open in Melbourne and we are on a Tennis Travel excursion with stops in Melbourne, Sydney, then Aukland and Queenstown in New Zealand. This definitely was a bucket trip. Our best to my Smith alums. Family, friends, food, & fun. My 2016 Resolution!!!

Pat Younger Smith sent an update to her woe-is-me note last year: I feel truly retired now and able to plan and enjoy my time. My elderly parents are comfortably settled in an Assisted Living apartment in their retirement community, and they appear to enjoy the close proximity of the dining room and the attentive staff. This takes a lot of pressure off me and my siblings. Mom fell and broke her hip in September – five days after their move to Assisted Living – then in December ran over her foot with her electronic wheelchair and broke three toes. So far 2016 has started without any mishaps.

David, my husband, and our 27-year-old son Andy and I spent two sunny, warm weeks in Hawaii in January on a Road Scholar tour of O’ahu, Hawaii (the big island), Maui and Kauai. Our return flight to DC was cancelled due to the 30 inches of snow that buried DC January 22-24, so we returned two and a half days late but enjoyed an extra day in O’ahu. Our Korean son enjoyed the novelty of being in the racial majority in Hawaii.

I’m playing bridge about three times a week, to keep my cognitive functions sharp. The house needs to be de-cluttered, painted and recarpeted, so I’ll be focusing on that before committing to more volunteer activities other than the current church activities of choir and financial audit committee chair. I’m thinking that pickleball looks interesting and fun.

Jan Owen Swetenburg wrote:
Though I have never sent anything to the Quarterly, your plea was genuine so I will respond.
I live in Charlotte, NC with my husband of 39 years. Ray is a pediatrician and we met when we both began graduate school at Duke in the fall of 1972.

We have five adult children – a son and daughter-in-law, a daughter and son-in-law and an unmarried son. This summer we will have our fifth grandchild in three years. Whew.
I retired from 20+ years teaching preschool and kindergarten and finished my working career as an adult program director at our church.

In retirement, I serve on several boards, read, walk, golf, play bridge and Mah Jong. We love to travel but grandchildren do keep us close to home. We spend as much time as possible at our home in the North Carolina mountains near Asheville. I am frequently surprised to find myself checking things off my “bucket list” that I did not know were on it!
I will end by saying that my experience at our 40th reunion in 2012 was one of the highlights of retirement. I had literally retired the day before I left Charlotte for Northampton. Among other reasons, I went to mark the beginning of my next chapter. It was gratifying to connect with old friends and to make many new ones. Not sure I will get there for 45 but 50 is on the calendar.

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