Summer 2014

Elaine Bromka will be taking her one-woman show, “TEA FOR THREE: Lady Bird, Pat & Betty,” to Pepperdine on Oct. 9. If any Smithies have hot tips on other western U.S. venues, pass the word along! Otherwise, she’ll just be contemplating life on the Malibu beach — an unnatural activity for her.

Jeanne Cherner just returned in January from Puerto Morelos, Mexico where she taught her first international workshop on Energy Healing. She took a group of twelve students from the Twin Cities out of -17 degree weather for a week in the balmy Yucatan. Understandably, it was a big success.

Jan Carter and Patricia Pelehach have renewed their Hopkins House friendship. Jan lives in Kansas City, semi-retired and facilitating physician groups, while Patricia is an artist in Dallas. Patricia has relatives in the Kansas City area. Patricia’s website shows some of her artwork. Jan and Patricia have fun and deep conversations.

Ginny Smith Harvey Dawson writes: Since our 2012 Reunion, I have experienced happy events, including the birth of a granddaughter and my retirement.

I’ve also had some big challenges: I experienced seven spontaneous compression fractures in my vertebrae, was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, and underwent four months of intensive chemotherapy followed by a stem cell transplant which took six months of recovery. I am now doing well and in remission.

My husband and I are thoroughly enjoying retirement and the freedom it has brought. In addition to taking more time to get together with family and friends, I am taking piano lessons, sing in a choir, exercise regularly, write fiction, keep my hand in the professional school psychology world by serving on state and national committees, and have completed several MOOC courses in art, psychology, and music. I had feared that I would be bored with retirement (from being a professor at UMass Boston) but not at all! It’s great.

From Ginny Gottlieb:

It has been years since I wrote so let me hit some high points.

I originally came to California for graduate school in hospital administration, but it has been years since I was employed in a hospital. More recently, I served on California’s Managed Risk Medical Insurance Board, which covered low income infants and children, pregnant women, and those in the individual market who could not obtain private coverage. I am happy to report that those people are now being covered under “Obamacare” and MRMIB has just dissolved. California, too, had issues with the initial enrollment, but the transition here has been smoother than in many states.

Like many of you, I am very much of the “panini” generation: we are not just sandwiched, we are squeezed! I have had substantial care-giving and business responsibilities for my father and for my Down Syndrome sister and for my husband’s parents.  I now spend months each year in Roanoke, Virginia, where I grew up. This also allows me to indulge my love of history. I have been restoring an old family farm which includes an eighteenth century store, one of very few left in Virginia. I was pleased to organize a half-day conference and tour for the conclusion of Preservation Virginia’s annual conference last fall. I’ve also organized an event with the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities Director of Indian Programs, who spoke in California to descendants of early settlers. Bringing people together around ideas is fun!

Larry and I have three children who grew up in Los Angeles. All three had New England college experiences. Shana has worked in finance in Manhattan for nearly nine years. Kenny is a PhD student in Physics/Applied Science at UC Berkeley and Rebecca, currently working in Boston, will enter graduate school this summer in cognitive science as applied to education. They are interesting, kind young adults whom I enjoy knowing – just what a mother hopes for.

My Smith friendships are among my most meaningful and long lasting. With my family scattered, I have also had opportunities to see scattered Smith friends: Ginny Smith Dawson in New Hampshire, Rebecca Schneider Meiklejohn in NYC, Nancy LeaMond in DC, and Pam Wiggin Barry and Cheryl Suchors while visiting LA. Los Angeles has an active Smith Club that includes Evelyn Brown and Bonnie Beaver Roberts as active members.

Life has been interesting! At this age, my greatest wish is good health to all I love – and to my Smith classmates.

From Susan Termohlen:

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Retired for a few years now, I started tennis, guitar and voice lessons in 2013. I’ve been painting for several years now, too.

I’ve been peripherally involved on a project to establish TEDx events in prisons and have spent some time with prisoners at San Quentin. Inspired by some incredible guys I met there, I’m about to work with the Stanford ‘Three Strikes Project’, helping guys get released under 2013 California reforms to the law (even though I have been a tax lawyer throughout my career).

In April, my husband and I went on our first Stanford sponsored trip (to Venice), then on to Florence on our own. I still exercise a lot and feel great. I can’t say I love the years ticking by but it’s better than the alternative.

My sons are now both out of college, have jobs and live less than 25 miles away in San Francisco. Hooray!

I recently attended a Smith Club event and it was great – I didn’t realize how many Smithies were around me. I also started interviewing high school girls who are applying to Smith – that’s been fantastic. There are some great young girls out there.