Summer 2013

Dear ’72 Classmates,

Three months ago, your newbie Class Secretary (me!) was worried that I’d have nothing to submit to the Alumnae Quarterly. I sent you an email blast, and ended up with an embarrassment of riches. I had more news than I knew what to do with; it was excruciating to boil down your wonderful responses to 750 words! I was limited in what I could submit to the Quarterly, but our class website has space for all the information you sent me. I’ll send you a blast soon, with the website URL, so you can read the unabridged version.

ASAP – please send me your news for our class column! Please tell me what is going on in your life. Were you affected by Hurricane Sandy, or other natural disasters? Do you have any special plans for retirement? Anything special to report from your work? Are you finally able to plan your dream vacation? Photos of ’72 gatherings? BTW – If you send photos, make them as high resolution as possible; please include identifying info about the event pictured. We can post photos on our ’72 class website and also submit to the Quarterly. Send your notes to me. Please respond ASAP as I have a Feb 12 deadline for submitting my column. This info will be published in the Summer 2013 Smith Alumnae Quarterly.

Thanks so much, Stefanie Cargill ’72 Class Secretary

Julie Arnold writes:  In May my daughter, Sarah, and I went to Paris where we visited my “brother” from Junior Year Abroad, Luc Monod; our kids are now friends on Facebook! We visited Atelier Renault where I celebrated my 21st birthday and Sarah celebrated her 25th. Sarah is now in her first year of Law School at UConn. In August my son, Benjamin, married Ariela in Boston at a wedding, which my Smith roommate, Nancy Kimelman, attended. The newlyweds are in Chicago where Ben is in the PhD program at Northwestern. In September I attended the bris for Nancy’s grandson, Craig, in Las Vegas.

I continue to train and show my standard poodles in Obedience and Agility.  One dog has an autoimmune condition called Sebaceous adenitis. He is enrolled in genetic studies and we’ve found a topical treatment that works well. I’d be glad to talk to anyone also dealing with this issue.

Yahee Baxter is so glad she went to the 40th Reunion and reconnected with so many old friends.  The 1972 Afro wig she wore at our Saturday night sing-along has come in handy; she is now wearing it in a production of PIPPIN.  She plays Berthe, Pippin’s grandmother.  She’ll soon audition for the role of Madame Thenardier, the Inn Keeper’s wife, in a Fall production of Les Mis.  Yahee looks forward to our 45th Reunion.

Elaine Bromka: So there I am at our last reunion, (having brought my show, “TEA FOR THREE: Lady Bird, Pat & Betty”) and I’m talking with Jan Swetenburg, whom I never had the pleasure of knowing as an undergrad. She says with that gentle Southern lilt, “Well now, we’re just going to have to get you down to North Carolina,” and I’m thinking, “How gracious.”  Next thing you know, she’s calling with three bookings she’s negotiated herself – at a school and two country clubs. Amazing!  Yet again, I’m realizing the power of a Smithie with focus. (A major shout out, too, to Susan Termohlen, who helped make possible the show’s Off-Broadway run in June.) Smithies are ATOMIC!

Evelyn G. Brown just returned from a trip of a lifetime to Antarctica. The adventure has been on her bucket list since she was an imaginary explorer as a kid. The expedition was hosted by National Geographic; on shipboard, she hung out with NatGeo photographers, historians and naturalists, as well as “real” researchers in marine biology, weather.  The NatGeo photographers coached her photography.  Evelyn was able to observe her beloved penguins up close and personal.

From Katherine Dietz, a former class secretary:

Our best news: our son Carl, 1st Lt-USMC, returned safely in September from a tour in Afghanistan!  Husband Dave and I live in an apt in Boston’s Back Bay. I see Nancy Fitzpatrick McKenna and Helen Heard Hetherington often and had fun at Nancy’s son James’ Aug wedding in VT.  Granddaughter Abigail Chamberlain Dietz was born 12/06/11 to our son Stephen and his wife Beth. Daughter Martha, married in August ’11, will soon complete a master’s degree and earn her Nursing Practitioner license. She follows my mother (a Mt. Holyoke grad) and me into nursing after earning BA’s.

Diane S. Francis enjoys being a grandmother to A.J. (Anthony James), born March 31, 2012 to younger daughter Hillary.

Clarie Hamlisch had a great time visiting in the south of France with Mary Eliza Kimball ’73 last summer.

Deborah J. MacKelcan (Garber) could not attend our May reunion because her husband was quite ill, but she enjoys reading about our classmates’ accomplishments, families, etc. When she next visits her two Northampton cousins, she would like to feel more a part of the Smith environment.

Jackie Anthony Millan reconnected with fellow Lamonter, Anne Walker Cleveland, in Charleston.   Anne, Exec Director of the Charleston Library Society, the third oldest library in the US, hosted a magnificent evening for corporate contributions officers at a meeting of the Conference Board, a business research organization.

Susan Soloyanis writes: My house and neighborhood survived the Waldo Canyon fire – although the burn line is only 200 yards from my house, in Cascade, CO.  My Washburn roommate, Deborah Emerson Pinkham, provided refuge and comfort in Duxbury, MA.

From Claudia Vess:  New Group 93-2012, a fine art critique group I belong to, is celebrating a show of 163 artworks (and sales).  I also helped put on two other shows recently, for a DC artist, and for four Venetian printmakers.  Classmate Beth Ann Friedman visited DC; we spent an evening catching up, discussing osteopathy and various health approaches.

Sec. Stefanie Solnick Cargill, 1224 East La Jolla Drive, Tempe, Arizona  85282,