Spring 2018

CU@Reunion50,  May 2022!

Kim Albright wrote:  I retired from my job as Director of International Advancement at Smith at the end of June, after 8 years.  Very rewarding, meeting Smithies all over Europe and Asia and helping them make gifts for the next generation.  In July, my roommate Julie Stiles and her husband visited us in Michigan.  Most exciting – in August, our first grandchild was born in London.  Now we are absorbed in condo renovations in Sarasota FL, our new home.  Debby Farrington lives nearby. 

Julie Arnold’s short note:  After 30 years in Henderson, NV, I am returning to St Louis, MO.

Cynthia Bearer is loving her job at the University of Maryland School of Medicine as Chief, Division of Neonatology, Department of Pediatrics, and Editor-in-Chief, Pediatric Research, International Pediatric Research Foundation (IPRF):

Writing from Venice, Italy – not the St. Marco’s piazza part, but the Lido, which is like a deserted beach town full of closed up 15th century palazzi at this time of year.  She is traveling for work, her second year as Editor-in-Chief, Pediatric Research magazine. This has been a fun and exciting addition to her work, as it allows her to be creative in developing the journal to meet readers’ needs. 

She wrote:  In addition, my own division at the University of Maryland is going strong, with up to twenty-three faculty all involved in some kind of scholarly activity for better outcomes to pregnancy!  My own laboratory is now funded for our work on lipid rafts with two grants from NIH, and two other grants, one from NIH to develop nomenclature for diseases caused by environmental exposures, and an intervention to lessen the impact of Neonatal abstinence syndrome.

My only child, my son, is a junior at Middlebury in environmental science.  He turns 21 in March 2018.  I’m enjoying the blossoming of collaboration with him – he did the statistics for two papers coming out soon!

More recently, I have bonded to a new puppy, Jean-Luc, a cream colored standard poodle, who I am training to run my next 5k with me!

Bonnie Beaver Roberts just spent a three-week whirlwind visit to the East Coast. Bookended by the annual meeting of the North American Menopause Society and her 50th high school reunion in Philadelphia, she spent the intervening time seeing friends and family and touring the USA, for a change:  Cooperstown, NY, for the Baseball Hall of Fame; Savannah, GA; Miami, FL; and New York City, where my younger daughter now lives after earning her MBA at Northwestern. Plenty of museums, opening night at the ballet (Sleeping Beauty), the play Junk and even a home football game at the University of Miami.

Still enjoying my part-time practice. Still no grandchildren. Still playing a little golf.  Hiked the Alps and Patagonia, Chile, and am now in need of a knee replacement!  Regards to all.  See you at the 50th!

Jan English Leary sent this:  My second book, a collection of short stories called Skating on the Vertical, has just come out from Fomite Press. The book is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  It’s been the work of many years, and I am excited.  I started writing fiction while still teaching French, then English, at Francis W. Parker School in Chicago.  I’ve retired from teaching, but writing is now my work in retirement. 

Robin Rainie-Lobacz, PA-C  is still treating the musculoskeletal injuries of the marines on Camp Pendleton, CA, now going on fifteen years. She keeps postponing retirement dates, because it’s just too much fun.  Rewarding work, helping the marines stay in training and preventing injuries.

Evelyn Maurmeyer really enjoyed our 45th reunion and is already looking forward to our 50th!

She had the honor of representing Smith College as a delegate at the inauguration of President Kurt Landgraf, Washington College, Chestertown, MD in September 2017.  It was a beautiful autumn day, and the lovely small, liberal arts college campus made me think of Smith.  

Lucy Bodine Nattrass did so enjoy the reunion.  She has gotten in touch with several classmates who didn’t attend and encouraged them to come to the 50th.

She said:  I retired from ESOL teaching in the spring and am trying to declutter our home of 38 years.  My husband and I are fortunate in having good health and we enjoy walking.  We also sing in two choirs and play in orchestras and bands.  We’re enjoying two grandchildren who, unfortunately, live five hours away.  Our oldest son, who plays the double bass, took me to a week’s camp playing, singing, and dancing to old time and Americana music in New Hampshire in June.  It was a new genre for me and I loved it.  My whole extended family got together for a lovely two weeks in August in France.

Signe Nielsen commented:  Life is a roller coaster of joys and sorrows and endless perseverance. I continue to live and work in Manhattan where I love the stimulus of the city, for all its ups and downs.  I continue to run my firm of 38 years as a landscape architect.  Now have a staff of 34 which keeps me very busy finding, directing and managing the variety of projects.  Main focus is on urban revitalization with a specialty in waterfronts.  I continue to teach at a variety of universities and lecture nationally. I have no intention of retiring.  Happily married (third time, now going on 20 years), we continue to travel extensively.  Daughter Marina is mother of three, two of them, twins born last year.  Serious medical issues but we are hopeful for the future.  Have lost both parents to protracted illness.

Chree (Christine) Tarrio Park is a part-time lumberjack!  She sent this:  As part of our land preservation in Calais, VT, we do annual selective logging on our forest property. I am the skidder (i.e., I drag the logs/trees out to the public road and stack them) and Doug is the sawyer (i.e., he cuts the trees down and limbs them). Logging is something I never even considered doing when I was younger! And it is just as difficult and dangerous as presupposed (despite Monte Python’s skit). 

Linda Rumanoff Simonson  I don’t remember when I last sent in news – at least a few years ago.  I am still working at Benhaven (serving children and adults on the autism spectrum, and their families); working with staff and residents in our residential program.  We recently celebrated 50 years at a Gala and my husband and I were recognized for our 45 years there (we are old!).  Life revolves around work, gym workouts, our kids and 4 grandkids, my pup and my horse – not necessarily in that order.  Can’t wait to retire and have more time for the things other than work in my life, but feeling blessed to have all that I do (not the least of which is my health)!

Cheryl Suchors: – I’ve been traveling a fair amount in the past six months, which was wonderful but interrupted my political Resistance work after Trump’s election. Most of the travel was triggered by a desire to hike somewhere new, but I also returned to Poland with my husband, Larry Field, after meeting family there in 2015.  This was family related to my grandmother who never said she had siblings or relatives at all! Wonderful trips both times, discovering interesting, warm family members who, thank goodness, have the same political stance I do. Also squeezed in some hiking in the High Tatras.

As a result of the Poland connections, I’ve been trying to learn Polish. I was a language major (Spanish and Portuguese) but whoa, this Polish is kicking my brain. The simplest sentences are hard. The number “two” for example, has 17 different forms!

My biggest news is that I just signed a contract with a publisher! My book There Will Be Icicles, tells the story of a 48-year-old woman who decides to hike 48 mountains and along the way discovers what’s important.  Obstacles in her path include injuries, the death of her hiking buddy, and her own breast cancer. This is my story. It takes place over a period of ten years, the time it took me to finish my 48-mountain quest.

The book will be available September, 2018.  Shameless plug: email me if you’re interested in a copy or in hosting me to do a book reading, cherylsuchors@gmail.com  I plan to spend 2018 traveling around seeing friends and reading the book at parties, bookstores and libraries. Also will happily meet in person or on Skype with book groups! If you’re not interested in the book, but just want to connect, that would be lovely, too.

Who knew a second career could be so fun?

Susan Termohlen – “I went to our 45th reunion in May and it was wonderful seeing the many Baldwin friends who also came.  While there, I gave a short talk about having had an art show and how hard it had been to put my stuff out there after twenty years of hiding it.  Right now, I’m in the middle of a second show and it’s (a little) less scary this time.  I did some European travel in August with my husband and two friends and was happy to find both London and Paris as usual even after their recent terrorist attacks.  I’ve seen my Smith roommate Linda Kirch Knight many times in NYC after a long hiatus apart (careers and children) and it’s like we’d never parted.  I’m starting a jewelry making class soon (apparently involving much melting and pounding of various metals).  After a long career as a tax lawyer, I guess my creative side just had to get expressed.  My older son lives in Brooklyn; the younger in Bend, OR, and I’m in California. I see them as much as I can manage.”

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