Spring 2016

Jane Russell Bate sent this:
In retirement, I’ve been following my two passions – my grandchildren and composition. I’ve had some concert band works published recently, and just finished writing a musical on the Salem witch trials, which I am now recording and shopping around to theaters, contests and festivals. I have also been active in a grassroots organization that seeks to educate the public on the reality of sharia law, and now greatly regret not having taken an intro to religion course at Smith. I would love to hear from classmates who did get that background about their perceptions of Islam/sharia gleaned from the readings and from the professors.

Audrey Bear wrote:
I am a Sarasota/Longboat Key resident, and look forward to getting in touch with classmates in the area. I have lived in Sarasota for the past 30 years and have my own eponymous law firm. As a member of a breast cancer division Dragon Boat team, I paddle at least twice a week, year round. I would like to know if any of my classmates are on dragon boat teams. My son develops wind farms and my daughter is an attorney. I have three grandchildren and two more due in the spring.

Jeanne Clark Cherner sent this in:
(Husband) Terry and I took a trip to “Mystical India” through the Smith Alumnae Travel program! We were incredibly excited and have some awesome photos to share. I’ve wanted to go to India ever since my days at Smith when one of my professors encouraged me to join him there for some post grad work. I was too immature at the time to make that big decision but I’m going now – with bells on!

Diane St.Cyr Francis commented:
People asked what I would do with myself when I retired, and I said I would like to exercise more and travel. I just returned from a trip to Guatemala and Honduras, where I learned a great deal about the Mayan civilization. My next stop is Columbia, to visit a coffee plantation and see some world-renowned Hispanic architecture.

Irena Hochman sent this:
I am as busy as ever in the intensely hyped-up art market looking for new talents all over the world. My traveling schedule is as though I’m still a Spring chicken and I have no plans of slowing down as of yet. I continue to be a supporter of causes close to my heart. I just donated a collage by Tadeusz Myslowski to a benefit auction for the British Friends of the Art Museums of Israel.
My brothers and I also donated my father’s Yiddish typewriter to a museum in Lublin, Poland – it made the local news! The typewriter was the only thing that my father took with him when my entire family was ostracized from Poland in 1968.

Lucy Bodine Nattrass wrote: I am enjoying my 60’s.
I’m still working two days a week teaching ESL in Manchester, England, in a community centre managed by a charity run by Chinese women. From a run down building a few years ago it is now spruced up with a soup kitchen, food distribution service, large vegetable garden, a big pool full of carp, a boxcar where people repair furniture and bikes and an enclosure housing 11 chickens. Other days I go for walks, sing and play the viola in several chamber groups and orchestras. My husband and I are looking forward to travelling when I retire and he does less volunteer work as treasurer for several charities.

Bonnie Beaver Roberts took a trip to Dubai and Ethiopia in celebration of her 65th birthday!

Stephanie B. Shafran wrote that 2015 has been a year of joys and sorrows for her and her family:

After a long, full life of 94 years, my mother Betty Greenman (nee Yellin)’42, passed away peacefully in her sleep last February. She was living on an Alzheimer’s unit in Greenfield at the time and still grinned with delight each time I arrived for a visit with her. Her zest for life never withered in spite of her cognitive and daily life skills challenges. She spent her freshman year at Smith and always regretted not having graduated from this institution she loved so much.
My mother would have beamed with pride to know that her eldest grand-daughter, Lenore Palladino is currently teaching in the Economics Department at Smith as an adjunct professor, and has moved from Brooklyn to Northampton with husband Billy Wimsatt and daughter Annalia. My heart is bursting with joy to have all three of my grand-children, Lucia, age 5, Marcelo, age 3 and Annalia, age 2, so close-by to each other and to me. I am looking forward to the day in the not-too-distant future when I am a retired grandma with more energy and time to devote to my three treasures whom I hold so dear.

Daughter Celeste works as a school adjustment counselor at an elementary school in Springfield. Youngest daughter Simone is in her final year of studies at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University in Grafton, MA. She and Luckar Thach will marry this summer. I couldn’t be more delighted to welcome him as my third son-in-law. All in all, as I approach my 65th birthday, I am still awestruck by the blessings life continues to offer me.

Genie Dudding Short reports that all well & busy in Dallas. Husband, Gary, retired after 30+ years of practicing law. I still enjoy teaching intermediate Macroeconomics at SMU, part time. No grandchildren yet, but still hopeful…maybe someday. Saw our son in NYC in November on a trip with my sister & her husband. Got a NYC jolt of theatre, food, museums, and holiday festivities.

Susan Soloyanis spent last summer, managing her 93-year old mother’s transition from living at home alone to life in a skilled nursing facility in another state. “I was ready for that challenge, having just returned from a week cruising SE Alaska with Smith Alumnae Travel. It was rainy, the food was excellent, the company charming, and the wildlife outstanding. I kayaked in the rain, no icebergs. I went on another Smith trip to Antarctica in November. My chickens and bees seem to be surviving on benign neglect.”

Susan Termohlen and her husband just returned from a trip to Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos on a “travel/study” trip with Stanford. Their events ranged from an hour with the American ambassador in Cambodia to an oxcart ride through rice paddies. I bonded with another Smithie on the trip, Chrissie Crawford ’55.

Susan Lopez Woodrow and husband Bill are living in Belfast, Maine. “It’s beautiful in the Summer and Fall. “I’ve been going back and forth to D.C. to help my 2 daughters who keep having babies! Good excuse to get me down there! I’m not catering anymore but may look into it when things settle down. My oldest son, Will, is practicing law in Charlottesville,Va., and my youngest, Ben, works up here with his dad but is probably moving back to Md. I keep busy when I’m actually here by going to the gym, cooking (they balance each other out), reading and spending time with family. Not a bad life.”

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