Spring 2014

Bonnie Beaver Roberts is still working and probably will continue part time for another 5 years or perhaps until some grandchildren arrive to help with. “My time off is enjoyed with more golf and travel. We have visited at least 65 countries and there are many more on the bucket list. I am also spending as much time as possible with my 93 year old mother who is now in hospice.”

Evelyn Brown: I have been happily running half-marathons, seven for 2013, and set new personal bests in two of them.

I’m serving on Board for Smith College Club of Los Angeles, as Membership co-chair.

I also volunteer with Operation Gratitude as one of their photographers as well as all-around volunteer activities. We are preparing to assemble our 1,000,000th care package on December 7 with a big celebration at our Van Nuys CA facility. (www.OperationGratitude.com)

I’m continuing with music lessons, and have now performed on stage three times, the 4th guitar (electric bass guitar) with a group called The Back Room Trio.

After the Antarctica trip in January, Chicago, Charleston, Seattle, Crater Lake and Napa, all seem rather tame.

I have had a lucky year, winning socks from my favorite running socks manufacturer (Balega), a free entry into the Zion Half Marathon for March 2014, a Keurig coffee maker. This luck has rubbed off to some of my buddies who also seem to be on winning streaks this year.

We lost our dog, Lady. We rescued her a bit more than 13 years ago; we miss her very much.

Mary Burton received the Helen Keller Service Award on October 10, 2013, for her tireless commitment and generosity to Hellen Keller International. Beneath a portrait of Helen Keller at the Harvard Club in New York City. Mary Burton is surrounded by Smith alumnae, from classes from ’45 to ’84. (Various photos and supporting materials included.)

Diane St. Cyr Francis retired in 2009 after 33 years teaching high school chemistry. “Now that I am retired, I enjoy traveling with my friend Nancy. On Friday, we are leaving for Portugal, Spain, Gibraltar, and Morocco, for a 15 day tour. I also am interested in the travels of my 1968 classmates.”

Joanne Sawhill Griffin wrote:

I have been retired since 2004 and enjoying every day since then.  I work on my family genealogy and have recently made contact with a researcher in Frankfurt (from a posting on Rootsweb) whom I will meet with next spring after my International Women’s Forum Berlin Conference.  Peter and I are well and enjoying life.  I finish up my President position with the IWF/MO this year.  I’ve had the fun of traveling to Rome and Morocco with the group.  My bucket/to-do list always starts with “Get More Organized!”…same as it was back in ’72!

BethCarverWeesWith-BookIn August, Beth Carver Wees, Anna Gee, Emily Lhamon Casnocha and Natalie Mariano met in NYC to celebrate. Beth, a curator of American Decorative Arts at the Met, opened a permanent exhibit of the Met’s early American silver in 2012. This collection is featured in her second book, Early American Silver in The Metropolitan Museum of Art, which was published in July. Natalie says: “We’re all very proud of Beth, who was convinced she was flunking out of Art History in Freshman year. There she was, over forty years later, giving us a private tour of the Met, culminating in her wonderful exhibit.”

Beth Carver Wees

Other news from Natalie Mariano:

My partner, Shelley, and I eloped and got married in August. We’ve been together for 35 years but put off our wedding until the Supreme Court reversed DOMA. Also – Emily’s son John, who is my godson, got married in October.

From Class President Jackie Anthony Millan:

Two months after the passing of Lamont House classmate Katherine (Katy) Flowers Gerke, Manli Ho and Marlene Morgan Potter host a mini-reunion for Katy’s Smith ’72 friends in Portland, Maine September 21-22, 2013.


Standing left to right: Judy Frank, Manli Ho, Kim Albright, Jackie Anthony Millan Seated left to right: Kathy Foley Curley, Marlene Morgan Potter, Nancy Gates, Merryn Rutledge Missing in photo: Julie Stiles.

Robin Rainie Lobacz sent this: My husband and I finally moved off our 50′ sailboat into a house after four years. It’s a big adjustment, and trying to keep the footprint small is more challenging. At this stage of my life I am reinventing a little and trying to see more of the good and less of the worries. I think it is working and I feel happier. I have been a treasurer for my local Smith Club ten years now, and not a day goes by when Smith does not help me in my life journey.

Claudia Vess writes that she coordinated an art group and showed her own artwork in “Group 93 and Guests”, on display in August and September, in Washington D.C, at Katzen Rotunda Gallery, American University.  See Flyer

Lauran Yates and husband, Jeff, moved to Bozeman, MT in 2012. She joined a women’s hiking group and goes out with them almost every Monday. She writes: This has been great fun. Recently, while hiking with several of the women, we got to talking about our families. One of them, Sam Anderson, told me that her maiden name is Mendenhall. I said when I was a student at Smith College, the president was Thomas Mendenhall. Sam replied, he was my Uncle Tom!

I told Sam about graduation day at Smith. President Mendenhall had a tradition of playing croquet with the seniors from my dorm, Laura Scales. I was teamed with my friends, Kenna Daly and Phyllis Meade, and we were ‘way ahead. However, President Mendenhall and the two seniors on his team used some tricky maneuvers and beat us. Sam said she often saw her uncle employ such tactics during croquet. President Mendenhall then had us all sign the back of a print of Winslow Homer’s Croquet Match, which hung in the main floor of Laura Scales. Of course, Kenna, Phyllis and I had to sign under the “Losers” column. Sam said after her uncle retired as president of Smith, he lived on Martha’s Vineyard, where he had a croquet lawn next to his home.

Spring2014LauranYatesLauren Yates (left), Sam Mendenhall Anderson, right, hiking north of Bozeman, MT