Fall 2015

Bonnie Beaver
Turning 65 is kind of freaky! That little red, white and blue card that I remember seeing in my parents’ wallet and accompanying my old patients has arrived with my name on it. How did we get this old??!! Despite this reality check, I have no plans for retiring soon. I still enjoy what I do, have a great part time schedule and no grandchildren yet to devote my time. In celebration of our 65th birthdays, my husband and I going to Ethiopia this fall. My motto continues: exercise to eat, work to travel.

Susan Begg,
This is my latest news:
After a long winter spent shoveling many feet of snow at my grounds job (at the vet hospital I started here in Ithaca in 1985) I am going to Albany for my “spring break”. I sit on the board of a women’s long-term residential treatment center (The Next Step) that I attended before prison.

Here in Ithaca, I am also busy with a new appointment to a county board (Community Justice/Alternatives to Incarceration) that is trying to develop new models for faster and smarter re-entry of incarcerated people into the community with assistance to lower recidivism rates (job training, housing, mental health and addiction treatment, etc.).

The most amazing news is that it looks like I will be marrying my girlfriend Kris sometime in the next couple of months…dependent on when Albion Correctional Facility sets the next “wedding day”. It is sort of a shotgun wedding, with NY State holding the gun. If we do not marry before Kris is released this October, it will be a violation of her parole to have any contact with me for at least two years, since I am a “predicate felon”. Go figure – since I can currently write, phone and visit her as much as I want until the time of her release. But, if we are married she can parole to live with me. Reminds me of reading “Catch 22”.

Diane St.Cyr Francis
I will be turning 65 this summer, and joining those on Medicare. I try to stay healthy by taking low impact aerobics, and walking my rescue dog, Allie. I keep my mind sharp by playing the piano and reading. I enjoy helping at Church. My older daughter Anne is engaged and will be married in Summer 2016. Anne completes her M.B.A. degree from Boston University in May 2015. My younger daughter Hillary is expecting her third child in late October. My husband Carl continues working as a museum curator at the Maine Mineral and Gem Museum in Bethel, Maine.

Big day! I actually left Mt.Bedroom for a check-in with the Doctor and had a shower using our fancy new senior citizen shower bench.

Big day! I actually left Mt.Bedroom for a check-in with the Doctor and had a shower using our fancy new senior citizen shower bench.

Susan Gutchess
Ok, here is my news. After two years of limping around, and numerous attempts to cure my foot problems, including periods in a short boot, a long boot, acupuncture, fancy orthotics, and physical therapy, I finally decided to accept the fact that surgery was necessary. I had a heel swing and tendon tie -up. Apparently, the operation was successful, but I won’t know for at least 5 more weeks when I can put some weight on it. Otherwise, retirement is dandy!

Surgery was 10 days ago. 6 weeks with no weight on it and then 6 weeks in a boot and then a gradual return to full activity. We have no bathroom on the first floor, so I spend most of the day upstairs but try to get down once a day – on my butt of course. I have this great scooter, which you kneel on with the bad leg and push with the good, and yesterday used it outdoors to get to my Spanish class. This was liberating.

Big day! I actually left Mt.Bedroom for a check-in with the Doctor and had a shower using our fancy new senior citizen shower bench.

Big day! I actually left Mt. Bedroom for a check-in with the Doctor and had a shower using our fancy new senior citizen shower bench.

Olivia Henry
I spent this winter in CO, where we helped out our son get settled in Denver. He’s now a new Stanford grad, working as an Engineer, with Lockheed Martin, in their Orion Space Mission program. From there, I went to Maui then CA and back to CO. Volunteered at the San Diego Safari Park, saw relatives and friends and did lots of outdoor sports. Now I’m back in NH, singing, photographing, exercising.

Andrea L. Kahn
My daughter in law, Denise McKay McKahn, a professor in the Pickering School of Engineering at Smith, just got tenure! We are so enormously proud. My grandchildren, Kiah (3 ½ years) and Solay (1 ½ years) attend the Fort Hill Pre School at Smith. My daughter, Danielle McKahn (Smith Class of 2001) , works at the Downtown Springfield Development Corporation, doing planning and project management, and operates a green development company in Northampton. Needless to say, since they have been living there, we are frequent visitors in Northampton, especially as the trip is easy from our Otis Massachusetts second home.

I am still trudging away, practicing law in New Jersey when not visiting. My husband, Dennis, mostly retired, operates a not for profit riding farm dedicated to special needs riders. My son, Justin, spends time riding at the farm, working in a flower shop called Vaseful, run by Community Options, another not for profit dedicated to special needs folks, traveling with an Easter Seals camp Trek travel program, and engaging in other activities. We are looking forward to a Berkshire summer and have never been far from Northampton.

Robin Rainie Lobacz
I’m still working as a Sports Medicine PA for the USN and Marine Corps, now
coming on 12 years. Trying to stall off retirement for a couple more years
if I can. I’m eligible in November. Still sailing and exercising, and now
Kenzie and I are taking up golf. It was the only sport at Smith I ever got
a B in, so no surprise I’m finding it challenging. Life is good.

Irene Owsley
I’ve made a big change in the last year, moving from Maryland (Washington DC suburbs) to Santa Fe, New Mexico. There are many reasons for the move, but basically, I wanted to simplify my life, live in a smaller town (less congested!), and be out West where the lifestyle suits me. While I’m still trying to find work as a professional photographer (and that’s not easy in a town like Santa Fe!), I’m in my element as far as the environment goes – wide open spaces, mountains, easy access to both high desert and alpine forests. My son, Steven, is somewhat nearby – working in sports talk radio in Kansas City.

Linda Rumanoff Simonson
I still have a few more years before seeing the finish line for my long time work (since college!) with kids and adults on the autism spectrum and their staff. The main reason I want to retire but also the main reason I can’t is my horse, Maxx, who I bought 4 years ago and board just down the road from my home. Horses were a childhood passion never realized and forgotten in the busy-ness of raising a family. So I have come to horses and riding late in life, but find the challenges and rewards totally engaging and energizing. Maxx takes some of the little “free” time I have from my four precious grandkids (the oldest is 4 years old), but I’m hoping they will come to love spending time at the barn with me. Former Smith pals please check in with me via Facebook!

Anne Theiss
Some good news to share:
As of this June, I will be a 12 year survivor of myelodysplasia 5q-, a rare bone marrow disease. Still on chemotherapy (for life), but now 3 years in remission. Hurray! My goal was to live to see my daughter Melissa graduate from high school; made that one. Now she graduates from Harvard this May – I am such a proud mom!

She’ll be moving to Scottsdale, Arizona, so I’ll be making trips out there from time to time. Would love to know if any classmates live in that area; it would be fun to connect.

I “retired” several years ago on Disability, after working more than 30 years as an Architect, reaching Empty Nest status and Retired status at about the same time. I’m playing lots of bridge – yes, even more than when I was at Dewey House; I sing with a group that performs for Elderly (even more elderly than WE are), am reading lots and enjoying gardening.