Fall 2012

Dear Classmates,

My last column – and a chance to share the highlights of reunion (MANY more on our website, (INSERT) and my thoughts upon moving on.  First, we are in superb hands: our new Class President is Jackie Anthony Millan (jackiemillan14@gmail.com), an extraordinary volunteer for our class over several reunions, formerly the head of Corporate Contributions at Pepsico, and the mother of Melissa Millan ’06.  Your new secretary is Stefanie Solnick Cargill (rhpt70@cox.net), our award-winning Special Gifts Chair most recently.  Melissa Hield will continue on the team as Treasurer, after her steady and cheerful hand at the helm these past five years; and Beth Sobiloff will again be our web-master (beth@birchwoodenterprises.com).  Susan Soloyanis volunteered to build our Facebook presence (Soloyanis@comcast.net) as we spread our means of communications to pick up as many of you as possible.

Out-going VP’s Kay Balun and Evelyn Maurmeyer organized a wonderful weekend – who will ever forget our flashing blue sunglasses, and our individual reading lights?  Summarizing my sentiments exactly was first-time reunion attendee Anna Gee: “You could have an interesting conversation with anyone at Reunion.”  How thrilled I am when a classmate discovers the magic of these weekends – as Chris Bancheri said, “Even when very few Capen friends come, I meet all sorts of women I didn’t know when we were undergraduates.”  Other first-timers were Catherine Adachi, Ivy Erberhart Bannister, Judith Chipps, and Rosanna Sattler (Yale ’72).

Elaine Bromka packed Theater 15 for her one-woman performance of Tea for Three: Lady Bird, Pat and BettyYahee Fernandez-Baxter soloed in rousing renditions old favorites from our era at dinner Saturday, backed up the Smithenpoofs and ’72 classmates in rare form (c.f. Trustee and Presidential Search Committee chair Louise Parent in wig, headband, glasses, and pink dress).

On the lawn in front of the new Student Center, President Carol Christ announced fundraising totals for reunion classes.  ’72  raised a one-year comprehensive total of $1,994,903 from 56% of our class.  Our five-year comprehensive total from $2,864,168. We hope to reach $2M for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2012.  Your fundraising chairs, Nancy Ammon Jianakoplos and Stefanie Solnick Cargill were honored with a special Alumnae Volunteer Leadership Award.

At our Class Meeting Saturday, Catherine Reid and Karen Coe led us in a special time of remembering the thirty classmates we have lost since entering Smith.  As we closed, Marnie Huff and Suzette Prigmore encouraged us to look after one another, to be family to one another, and I share their sentiments.  As life has served up gifts and challenges, triumphs and setbacks, I believe we have been strengthened in our capacity to be compassionate towards one another.  Smith gave us many gifts, but could not shield us from life – and I believe we are more generous of spirit as a result.

Finally, Olivia Henry gave us terrific pointers as we look ahead – and what a role model!  “What brings you joy?  Be amazed at the possibilities – they are endless! Don’t be lackluster, have your passions! Love with more enthusiasm – and abandon!”  Olivia is the proud owner of red roller blades!

So keep in touch with one another; check in when you’re in New York; and may we all be together for our 45th Reunion.

Over to you, Stefanie!  Send your ’72 Class news to Secretary Cargill at rhpt70@cox.net.

Mary Lindley Burton