’72 Classmates Welcome President Kathleen McCartney

During her inaugural “listening tour” around the country, President Kathleen McCartney was greeted by ’72 classmates: Kim Albright, Thayer Longfellow Baine, Pamela Baker, Christine “Chris” Bancheri, Evelyn Brown, Karen Brown, Karen Coe, Judy Frank, Virginia “Ginnie” Moorman Gotlieb, Susan Gutchess, Mimi Liem, Jackie Millan, Ann Milne, Debbie Miskell, Sarah Moriarty, Louise Parent, Karen Recht, Bonnie Beaver Roberts, Alice “Lissy” Ziesing Sheehy, Charlotte “Becky” Stretch, Helen Marvel Strong, Beth Carver Wees and Lou Zellner. You will find some of them in these photos.

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